Aggie at the Vet

Aggie was not feeling well last week so we brought her to the clinic over at the Veterinarian Center in Cheras. It was a quite a traumatic experience for her because that day happened to be pre-med student’s day and the examination room was filled with students. She was wiggling about as they took her temperature and the thermometer keep popping out and she got irritated each time it went back in.

She settled down after I pacified her so the vet managed to finally take her temperature which was 38.9 degrees Celsius! As we waited for the vet to get all the injections ready, I carried her in my arms and she calmed down.

The first injection caught her unaware and it was at her hind legs so that went pretty easy. The second one, she was more alert and as this one got to be given somewhere on her body, it did not sit well with her at all. As you know she is the ‘eater’ of the house, which means she is ‘quite’ fat and has plenty of flesh. (lol).. so the doctor had a difficult time finding that sweet spot to puncture. A few attempts failed as every time the needle pricked her, she would jump up (in pain I think) and started to bite my hands.. hmm.. reinforcement needed. I called hubby in and he held her first in his arms, pacified her, soothed her and placed her on the worktop. Next I held her upper body, hubby held her lower body and the vet tried again, with the already crooked needed, (lol). Success! Poor Aggie, it must really hurt coz she was struggling very hard throughout the whole ordeal. I suffered a few scratches as well from her ‘kungfu’ moves.

Anyway, she is back to her own self and all is well in the 6meows household again

PS: The clinic is really good and I recommend to anyone living in KL. Here’s the map but do call in advance as their operating hours changes all the time. It’s also very economical. We were only charged RM15.00 for the two jabs.

Tel: 03-9284-9716

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