Byte has passed on

Another sad event happened to our family. My mom’s cat, Byty, passed away peacefully on Monday, 16 July 2007. He has been fighting with elementary lymphocyte. In our term that would be cancer in the stomach. It came on quite suddenly actually. He stopped eating and just started to become very weak. My mom brought him to the vet about a month ago and the vet mentioned that it might be cancer but was unable to confirm it without a biopsy. He prescribed some antibiotics and Byty was to see him in 10days time.
Byty responded very well to the medication. He was able to walk again and he started eating. Boy, did he start to eat. He would meow for his food everytime he sees my mom awake and my mom being my mom, would give him anything he wants. So we were all very happy. Ten days came and I went down to Singapore to see the vet together with my mom. We were very excited to tell the vet that that Byty was once again well and thanked him profusely. However, there was only bad news. Accordingly to the vet, seeing how Byty had responded to the medication only proved to show that he indeed was suffering from cancer and there was no need to perform any biopsy or blood test to confirm his diagnosis. Dr Dennis did say however that with medication Byty could live very well up to a year without being in any pain. I tried to explain the situation to my mom but I guess she was just in denial, especially after seeing how “healthy” her cat was. After staying in SG a while making sure Byty was ok and my mom knew to continue with his medication, I went home.

All was fine till Sunday, 15th July. My mom called to say that Byte was not eating again and he could not walk properly. I called the vet the next day (16th July) and made an appointment for Byty to see the vet that morning. My mom called me while she was at the clinic as she needed me to talk to Dr Dennis who can only communicate in English. It was not good news. According to him, the cancer had spread to the brain and that was why Byty was not able to walk properly. He was hardly moving as it was. Dr Dennis said there was nothing he could do except prescribed some medicine to make him as comfortable as he can till his last breath. I tried to explain to my mom but it was not easy as she was crying on the other line but she understood what was happening.

In the meantime, I was preparing a trip back to SG for the next day to take care of Byty and to be there for my mom. Late that night, at around 11pm, my mom called to say Byty did not make it. He passed away on my mom’s lap.

May Allah Bless You Dearest Byty.. you have given mommy and myself some very good times while you were with us. Now it’s your time to go.. you will forever be in our hearts.. we will always love and miss you…

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