Missing those we love

I called my mom today and she told me that ever since Byte’s passing, Baby (my mom’s other cat) was always screaming (loud meowing). If before whenever he does that, Byte would come and nuzzle him and that would somehow consoled and calmed him down. Now, Byte is gone and he is left all alone. My mom would carry him, look into his eyes, consoled him and explained to him that Byte is gone. He, in turn would look at my mom’s face seeming to understand but yet not really comprehending.

My mom, on her end, still sees Byte everywhere. He used to sleep with her and always perched on her shoulder while she’s watching tv. Now, there’s only emptiness where he used to lay.

Missing someone, be it human or pet, is always so difficult. It is really a test for us still living. Till now, I still see Lornie and still miss all those that have left me before.

It does not get easier with time…..

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