Nina to UPM Vet

After two weeks of antibiotics and anti-swelling medications from the vet over at Cheras, there was still no change of Nina’s condition. She still frequents the litter bin and although spending a long time in there, I don’t see any “outgoing” at all. So hubby and I decided it’s time to take some drastic action and bring her to the UPM Vet Clinic instead. This clinic belongs to the Veterinarian Department of the University Putra Malaysia and is being run by some professional vet and the undergrads there. We had sent one other cat there before. He, Tom, was a stray and had a broken pelvic. I guess he must have been strike by some irresponsible people or something. They had operate on him and put some metal steel into his pelvic so that he can walk again. He is now healthily running around my IL’s compound.

Back to Nina, yesterday, there wanted to get some blood and urine sample before coming up with any diagnosis. Since we are living in Ampang and the clinic is in Serdang, we decided to leave Nina in their safe hands. Last update I got from them today was the blood samples results has come in and everything looks ok except for the white blood count and that is normal because she’s in the condition that she is now. They were only able to collect her urine sample this morning and will get the results tomorrow. From there, the vet would decide if they needed to get x-rays to get a clearer picture.

We hope all ends well and we would have our Nina again soon all healthy again. The good thing is she is still very active and strong so we hope she will pull through as vogue as she is 🙂

The Vet Clinic at UPM, Serdang


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