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Painted Cats

Here’s a treat for you cat lovers.. I wished my cats can just sit still for one minute to be photographed… look at all this other cats.. I wonder how their owners get them to sit still to be painted like this…

Treat Time

Here’s all of them…. well no.. let’s see… one is missing… ahh yes Nina, the Vogue one.. Wanna know what they are looking at there??? It’s a baby lizard… Yikessss…. I tried to shooed it away from my predators.. but nothing to do but just watched and screamed along the way….lol.. poor lizard.. did not […]

Speaking of loans…

After all this shopping around for Christmas – not that I actually celebrate Christmas, I just love shopping around this time of year because everything is on sale – I sure could use one of those No Fax Payday Loans that a lot of people are talking about. As usual my fingers did the googgling […]

An Expensive Affair

Having cats is an expensive affair nowadays. Just today we bought our six kitties their food supply which is Science Diet for Mature Cats that cost like RM116 for ten kilos (one month supply) and their litter bin pellet which cost RM33 (for two weeks supply). Then of course, there’s their shampoo and conditioner, their […]

Season Greetings

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and remember there’s still some time to finish off this year’s resolution 🙂 Cheerio…

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