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I'm still Beautiful

I DON’T HAVE ALL MY TEETH! There I said it.. please don’t laugh at me. I’m no longer a young spring chicken though I am still beautiful and vogue with my beautiful fluffy fur and my sexy voice. Mommy said that there is no kitty dentist here that is the equivalent of the human orange […]


Introducing Awan Cloud

Remember her? Well it’s official she now is part of the Blogger Cats family. No one claimed her after 2weeks and we reckon that is long enough. We even named her already. Presenting Awan Cloud.. Wan for short. She has gained so much weight and is so active that we keep having to let her […]

A Little Update on Baby

Baby used to be my kitty when I was in Singapore. Then when I got married and moved to KL, my mom took over the responsibility of taking care of him. He is close to 15years old and although healthy he is losing a lot of weight. The problem is he is eating a LOT! […]

Visitor or Part of the Family?

It was a little after 6am when I went to bed on Thursday morning. Just as I was dozing off, A came into our bedroom and asked me if I wanted to see our new visitor. I was like “What? At this hour?” but since he sounded so excited, I groggily woke up and what […]

Our New Home

Can you believe that ever since we moved, me, my mama and my aunts have all not been exploring the house. Yeah I do a quick getaway sometimes when mommy has her hands full when she opens the door but when I enter the “human” zone, I get blur because I’ve not been allowed out […]

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