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symmetrical fluffy

Fluffy Friday #20: Symmetrical Fluffy

We didn’t want to miss Fluffy Friday this week .. so here’s our entry..

Check out my beautiful color dispersion.. I’m so symmetrical 🙂

Rest In Peace Baby

Thank You

If Only

The final bill for Minnie’s medical bill came in today. It came up to RM674. Although mommy said, she would gladly pay more if it would mean Minnie can come back to us. In case you don’t know know, Minnie fell from the 6th floor and because her injuries were extreme, she couldn’t be saved. […]

I Need Eye Cream

Mommy keep saying I got very small eyes. I wonder if my eyes can go bigger if I were to use prevera everyday. Although I have blue eyes, I’m not one of those lucky ones that have natural eyeliner that highlight the eyes. In the ideal world, I would have blue and lined eyes.. but […]

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