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Nina’s Got Eye Infection

Mommy and daddy brought me to see Doc Sharon yesterday because both my eyes were swollen. It started with one eye last week, mommy cleaned it and it was alright.. then my other eye got teary and mommy cleaned that and that eye got ok. Then yesterday, both eyes was swollen and mommy immediately told daddy and the next thing I knew I was on the motorbike in the unique carrier. I didn’t like it and I meowed all the way. Luckily it was a short ride.

I Think I’m a Parrot

Do you think I look like a parrot on daddy’s shoulder like this? By the way, this is a very old picture, as you can see from the layout of the desk in daddy’s and mommy’s home office

Fluffy Friday #27: Fluffy Love Laptop

Family at the Front Door

Acne Free Life

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