Smokey is Hospitalized

Poor Smokey wasn’t recovering too nicely since the last time he went to the vet. He had a bad case of diarrhea yesterday and since we didn’t see any difference in his condition this morning, we decided to bring him in to the vet again today. The good news was according to the doctor he didn’t have any fever or show signs of physical pain when his tummy was pressed but his diarrhea looked bad as his bottom part were all stained and he showed signs of dehydration. The vet would keep him tonight to collect stool samples before treating him and would put him on the drip if his dehydration continues tonight.

We won’t be able to see him tomorrow morning as it’s a holiday here on the 31st due to the Malaysia team winning a football match of some kind. I am really bumped by it coz it means I won’t be able to see my baby till Saturday morning. Almost wished Malaysia lost! ..opps! Anyway, I made sure that the vet promised to call me Friday morning on his rounds to give me an update on Smokey condition.

Otherwise I guess I’m hoping to see a healthier Smokey on Saturday after we get that commercial pumps for Abah’s garden…


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12 Responses to “Smokey is Hospitalized”

  1. @Mariuca says:

    Get well soon Smokey, love ya! <3

  2. @Mariuca says:

    And tell ur Mommy to rest oso, apa ni buat PB semua? LOL! 😮
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  3. LadyJava says:

    Meow dearie.. eh using twitter?

  4. Bill says:

    Sorry to hear about poor little Smokey. I hope everything goes well with the vet and Smoke will be home real soon as good as new and in your loving arms LJ.:)

  5. Caroline says:

    Sorry to hear this dearie. Hope Smokey can get well soon and celebrate New Year with u! 😀
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  6. Monica says:

    ohh no…poor thing… get well soon Smokey!!!:*:*:*
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  7. @netster23 says:

    pooor thing 🙂 if Smoke didn't get better I would suggest you to use traditional way. Just left Smokey for a while at a park or any place where there's lot of green green glass around. (a bush would be nice)

    Cats and dogs know their own medicine when they get sick.

    Get well soon Smokey 😀

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