Aggie Has Something In Her Eyes

I was surfing around for more information on acne pills when I heard Aggie meowing away in the kitty room. I checked up on her and saw that she had one eye closed and she was calling out for me. I rushed over and noticed a lot of secretion on her right eye and that some have dried up causing her to not being able to open her eyes. I took her in my arms and put some eye drops to make her feel better. Then as she was able to open her eyes, I noticed that her eyes were red and there seem to be a spot in it. I can’t be sure if it’s a scratch or if something had lodge itself in her eyes. So we are monitoring and will send her to the vet tomorrow. In the meantime, we are calling her Aggie the Pirate.. my poor princess..


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5 Responses to “Aggie Has Something In Her Eyes”

  1. Mariuca says:

    Aggie is like me… satu mata sakit now actually, meow! get well soon !B)
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  2. BellaEnveeus says:

    Ouch! I'm reading this and my eyes yang watery pulak.. 🙁 Poor Aggie, I hope she'll be OK soon..
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  3. Lily Arbee says:

    Hi! So how is Aggie now. I hope Aggie is doing fine, sorry I missed out so much. Since I am on my Streamyx, I will try to visit you guys and other bloggers with drops and comments. I can only do that after going back home or after working hours if still in the office.
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