Aggie’s Eye Surgery

aggie at vet

Aggie before surgery

Aggie is now at the vet and since her blood test is indicative of a healthy liver and kidneys, she is probably going through her surgery right now.

Basically what the doctor will do is to remove the ulcer in her eyes, hoping that it has not affected too deeply into her cornea. When that happens, we are hoping there would be slight bleeding which would mean that there is still blood circulation into her eyes. The doctor would then used Aggie’s third eyelid which is at the corner of her eyes to form a “patch” over the affected area. This “patch’ would then be secured with stitches and knotted just outside her eyelid. This patch would protect her eyes while it is healing for about three weeks during which Aggie would have to be wearing her “Victorian” collar. After her third week, the doctor would just pull the stitches from the knot that is outside her eyelid and hope her eyes would have recovered by then.

As if this is not worrying enough, I was just watching this video about hi tech pickpocketing over at youtube. So pay attention people and watch the video. This is serious stuff especially if your credit card has one of those RFID thingy.


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32 Responses to “Aggie’s Eye Surgery”

  1. Mariuca says:

    Here I can comment with ID, go figure!! :S
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  2. Mariuca says:

    It is worrying of course! And the process of recovery sounds tedious and long, sure hope ur baby is okay right now, cian dia sorang takde kawan.. meow! Get well soon Aggie! <3<3
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  3. gagay says:

    =/ pity Aggie..hope everything will be getting fine soon..
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  4. gagay says:

    be good and healthy always Aggie! hugs from Tita GG!
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  5. Caroline says:

    sigh sorry to hear bout Aggie.. :'( poor Aggie has to go thru this surgery. eye summore. it must be very painful one! :'(

  6. Caroline says:

    let us know how is Aggie after surgery yea dearie. 🙂
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  7. Monica says:

    ouch!!! poor Aggie….:'(:'(
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  8. Monica says:

    i m sure she'll be ok LJ…dont worry k *hugs*<3
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  9. BellaEnveeus says:

    Hi sweetie! Oh no, I hope Aggie will be fine.. 3 weeks is so long.. Hope she won't be too disoriented about the whole thing.. Hugsies for Aggie! <3 :*
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  10. Bill says:

    Glad to here her liver is ok for surgery LJ. Now i am hoping that the surgery goes great then on the road to recovery and then Aggie will be back to her sweet adorable self. Keep us posted dear friend. <3
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  11. June says:

    A fantastic site! I have yet to read properly but best wishes for aggie.
    I am currently going through a change as i will be trainning as a vet nurse so hopefully i will be of some assistance at times. I love Cats so i am looking for people who are of the same nature.
    Please add to my blog (which is very new at the moment) and look forward to reading your blog in great detail x
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  12. Ane says:

    Oh my gosh! Poor baby! :'(
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  13. Ane says:

    At least her kidneys and liver are okay right? I feel sad. I hope she feels better soon! There's nothing more stressful than having a member of the family sick.. 🙁

    Get well soon Aggie!
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  14. Ane says:

    OMG! that credit card thing is scary! I am glad we don't have RFID cards in the Philippines yet.. 😛
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