Carnage in the Kitty Room

The kitties love to bully their daddy when I’m not around. I hear stories, whenever A would call me, of how they will misbehave, do stuff that they normally won’t do when I’m around and basically making their daddy’s life difficult. I think instead of roadside assistance plan, we would need kitty assistance plan when I am gone again next week.

Anyway, the last time I was in Singapore, this happened in the kitty room. Usually I would place tissue and plastic bag in this container on the shelves that we have in the kitty room. When I’m around, nothing happens. But when mommy away, the kids will play and Azwaj woke up one morning to this carnage!

carnage in kitty room carnage in kitty room



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12 Responses to “Carnage in the Kitty Room”

  1. Bill says:

    Kids will be kids hahahahha
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  2. Shemah says:

    Hahahahaahh!! How come ah? they're so clever to know mommy is not around only then can start misbehaving!! so adorable! mesti A pun pening kepala!
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    • LadyJava says:

      haha.. that's why lah Shemah… poor A pening kepala.. he was so mad he didnt let them out from the kitty room for two days.. lol!!

      and yes.. i think they know when I'm not around coz the house would be super quiet coz A got no one to talk to mah.. ahahah

  3. LadyJava says:

    hahha.. mmg notty lah GP.. i think it's the Jesse or perhaps baby Jam.. doubt its the older cats.. and definitely NOT Smokey.. lol!

  4. Monica says:

    omg…so messy!!!:o:o hahhaha poor thing Azwaj!:p:p

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