Monkey and Insect Watching



The kitties love to watch the outdoors and with that huge window in the kitty room overlooking the woods in front of our apartment, they are never bored while in there.

I reckon if they can, they probably request for some kind of spotting scope so that they can have a better view of all the strange insects that can be found here and also watch the  monkeys while they do their swinging from tree to tree each evening and I think if they are able to do that I would probably get one for them.. lol.

insect side profile

insect side profile



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4 Responses to “Monkey and Insect Watching”

  1. Monica says:

    errr…what's that ah?? insect?? where are the monkeys?xD:D
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  2. Mariuca says:

    Eeeeee looks so geli kan that insect, mcm snail! 🙁
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