Smokey: I Got Excessively High Temperature

.. that is what the vet, Doctor Sharon told my mommy. My temperature was a whooping 40.8degrees celcius. She said if I was a human baby, I got to be given cold compress already.

Lucky for me mommy noticed that I was not myself yesterday and when she placed her legs where I had been sitting she mentioned to daddy how hot it was and immediately hold me to see it was me. It was me indeed and so mommy and daddy brought me to the vet this afternoon and seeing how my temperature was so high, Doctor Sharon immediately gave me a jab for my fever.

Doc Sharon said it might just be a viral fever or it might be the onset of something else so she told mommy to monitor me and if after taking my fever meds tomorrow, my temperature is still up or I am listless or refuse to eat, I’m supposed to see her again.



smokey says.. I'm sick!


Note from mommy: We are now monitoring Smokey closely. He is eating, though not much. He is also moving around so that is a good sign. His body is also not as hot as yesterday so we are hoping after the second dose of fever meds tomorrow, he will be fine.  Bill came to RM57.00

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8 Responses to “Smokey: I Got Excessively High Temperature”

  1. Monica says:

    oh no..poor thing…get well soon Smokey!!<3
    hmm.. didnt know cats can also get a fever..
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  2. Mariuca says:

    So cute la u Smokey, so fluffy meow! Get well soon okay, it sucks being sick right? Aunty GP also sick right now actually achoooooo! :*
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  3. JeanYummy says:

    hello smokey & mommy! you guys are featured in my post for being my FC! 🙂
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  4. JeanYummy says:

    how are you now, smokey? hope you can run around now and play wt yr other siblings! Hugz from Aunty Jean! <3
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