Jam-Jam’s Medical Update

Firstly, thank you for all the concerned emails and tweets so as promised here is Jam-Jam’s update.

Jam-Jam spent four days at The Ampang Veterinary Clinic over at Taman Seraya, Pandan. Doctor Kamal treated her with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds while awaiting x-ray results. From the x-ray we found that she had broken her left distal bone, which is very close to the her joints. Since she was weak and Doc Kamal’s clinic is not equipped to carry out bone surgery, he suggested making her strong enough before sending her to UPM for her surgery. The first few days at Doc Kamal’s clinic, Jam-Jam refused to eat so on the drip. On Tuesday, we brought her fav food and she ate only when we hand-fed her. She was becoming stronger and showed us how stubborn and fussy she is..lol!

We brought Jam-Jam to UPM Vet Hospital yesterday afternoon to get her condition accessed. Dr Chua told us that she would need to get blood test prior to any surgery to make sure she is strong enough for anesthetic. She also recommended that admit Jam Jam as it would be easier for them to monitor her in terms of food intake, passing motion and urine.

examing Jam Jam

Examing Jam Jam @UPM with Dr Chua

She also explained what will be done during surgery. Basically, a cross pin will be inserted to the broken part and depending on how extreme, the surgeon might insert another pin to hold the bone in place. Recovery will be take around six weeks with very limited movement. Jam Jam would be have to be caged up for the duration of her recovery.

jam jam xray

jam jam's xray

Jam-Jam is now warded at UPM Vet Hospital awaiting blood results and if all goes well with her results, she will be operated on Monday to fix her broken leg. I just spoke to Doc Melissa, who is taking care of Jam-Jam, and she told me that Jam-Jam is eating, though hand fed with lots of coaxing and very moody. Visiting hours are very limited at UPM Vet hospital so we will only be visited her tomorrow with plenty of her fav food to make her strong for her surgery.

This is the estimated bill for her one week stay. Her bill from Doc Kamal’s clinic was RM600. That being said, nothing is spared for Jam Jam’s recovery fund. We just want our baby back all healthy and walking again.

estimate bill

estimate bill



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8 Responses to “Jam-Jam’s Medical Update”

  1. Mariuca says:

    She looks good in this picture LJ, mata nampak alert and bermaya, that's a good sign. Imagine 6 weeks full recovery… mmg massive injury ni poor thing.. I just hope she can get through the surgery fine and can come home soon… she's not the one yg suka roam outside for a few days then ballik rumah kan? She has to stay indoor ni nanti bila dah baik, tak leh jalan2 kat luar sampai betul2 baik, cause u are gonna spend so much to get her better, sayang kalau lari or kena cat-nap later… big fluffy hugs for jam2, u are so cute, meow!!
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    • LadyJava says:

      Hiya GP..Yeay.. she is also very strong, kicking the doctor with her healthy legs.. so that is a good sign indeed!No, nowadays the kids dont roam outside anymore.. easier to control worms and fleas.. so all indoor cats now and yeah she got to be in a cage for 6 weeks.. the break is so close to the joint so docs worry if she moved too much the pin might go into her joint.. so that one will be bad !

  2. BellaEnveeus says:

    Ouch! Kesiannya.. Even though the break kecik but for a cat yang many times smaller than us, they feel the pain just like when we feel pain if something's broken.. Sebab tu lah no selera.. Kesian Jam Jam.. I have sent my cats to UPM few times. Ada sekali dulu2 my cat hilang pastu after 2 weeks dia balik,around leher dia penuh dengan maggot (we pakaikan her collar but maybe she tersangkut somewhere n dia try to lepaskan herself sampai luka keliling leher n sampai penuh maggot, oh gosh that was horrible), she looked like dah nak mati dah, kepala pun cannot angkat already but we sent to UPM, they cleaned the wound, buang the maggot all and stitch her up and she lived for another 5 years.. She died of old age, at 14 yrs old..
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