Get Well Soon Ice

Someone very dear to us is heartbroken right now coz his cat is very sick. Initially he thought that Ice had food poisoning but it turned out he had broken his tail instead. The vet didn’t say how it might happened but I suspect that someone might have hit him or he was involved in a hit and run.

Anyway, Ice is now at the vet being treated for shock and also so that he might be stronger and in a few days time will go to the hospital to get his tail amputated. The vet said that is the best solution as it will take a longer recovery time if they tried to save the tail.

Here’s wishing Ice a speedy recovery and since he is only 1year 2mths, me and my friend both feel confident that he will recover nicely.. God willing.


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  1. Mariuca says:

    Broken tail? Aiyo,, mcm mana tu? So how, have to go for surgery oh noooooo amputate??? That's why la I prefer to have indoor cats, at least we know they are safe and sound at home, kalau sakit pun, mostly indoor punya sakit. Hope ur friend's cat get better soon, pity meow no tail aiyoooo…..:'(:'(
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    • LadyJava says:

      yelah GP.. so kecian.. the tail patah.. and he dont know how it happened but yeah the cat mmg outdoor kind though normally malam he comes home and stay indoor.. sigh.. vet say mmg better to amputate.. rather than mend the broken part.. so now at hospital.. they are trying to stabilize ice and hopefully can go for surgery on saturday.. but he is responding well to the meds so fingers crossed..

  2. Oh namanya pun Ice yea? Same like our ALC.. Hope Ice will be better soon.. Yeah, I pernah dengar that it's easier to amputate the tail than waiting for it to heal.. Lagipun kalau nak wait heal, the cat suffer the pain.. So kesian.. Hope your friend can sabar n be strong for Ice..
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  3. Haritu ada satu manusia bongok bawak kereta so fast that even though a cat ni dah melintas jalan to reach the other side but because the driver laju sangat, dia telah run over the cat's tail. Terlompat cat tu and berdarah2 the tail.. Kesian sangat.. But when we tried to go to the cat nak help, maybe coz it was afraid, it ran off and we don't know mana kucing tu pergi.. 🙁 We hope that cat is safe..
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