RIP Jerome-Zi

Jerome-Zi or affectionately called Romzi by Azwaj was always a spiderman of sorts. He always find ways and means to escape the kitty room even after Azwaj had cat proof it. He will bite the wire mesh that Azwaj used over the window grills and he will squeeze himself out and even managed to climb up the balcony of the upstairs vacant apartment above us not once, twice, thrice but four times! The last incident saw Azwaj himself becoming a Spiderman as he climbed up the same way Romzi did to access the balcony upstairs and yes we live on the 6th floor!

Anyway, Romzi must have used up all of his nine lives yesterday. He didn’t come out with the rest when we let the furkids out of the kitty room and we rushed down at 2am to see if we could find him. We did find him but he already passed on. He didn’t make it.

Jerome-Zi was 2years old. Rest in peace dear boy.. You will be missed by all of us..

RIP Jerome-Zi

RIP Jerome-Zi (2010-2012)


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  1. Assalammualaikum,

    Tumpang simpati dengar. Tapi tak pa la, sekurang-kurangnya, romzi dah berada di tempat yang baik. Kita ni tak pasti lagi di mana berada. Bila hilang atau kucing mati, camtu je la rizal fikir.

    Ni la dugaannya bila membela kucing. Parting tu pasti akan berlaku.

    Hero sekarang makin mengancam, ari tu balik ekor kontot tu cedera, hari ni tengok ada darah sikit kat jari, kasi minyak gamat je. Tuu bila balik masih sempat nak bermanja-manja. Gaya kes, anak saya baik, tapi kat luar rumah, samseng. Hahaha..

    Selamat berbuka puasa.
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  2. Mariuca says:

    Aiyoooo poor baby, so sad looking at his pic now, RIP Jerome! :'(:'(
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  3. Mariuca says:

    Have a good weekend meows! Hugs from Aunty GP! <3
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  4. Wira Usman via Faceb says:

    RIP Dear

  5. @lilyarbee says:

    So sad, I know I am behind time since I did not visit your blog.quite a while. Kesian your "Spider Man cat" Jerome. RIP dearest Jerome. You tau about a month ago, also very sad story which I like to share here. A distant neighbor on the 19th at my place was so careless, her beautiful kitten I used to see at their work area was found dead, imagine, she has fallen from the 19th floor. of the high rise. Actually it was her friend's fault, when she was out, her friend, one of the house mates let loose this innocent kitten at the balcony. I was so fed up when I heard the news because once before I witnessed this kitten trying to escape through the work area. What they should have done is at least get another kitten as a friend, since they always left this poor unlucky kitten behind most of the time! Kalau nak bela kucing tu kena lah responsible sikit kan?
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