BloggerCats Welcomes Tia Ling Ling

We were having dinner at Bukit Indah when this cutie pie came close to our table. We tried as much to ignore her as much as possible but then we had extra food on our table and we decided to give her a piece of chicken. She came when we called but when we offered the piece of chicken she just looked at it and looked so puzzled. We decided that she probably didn’t recognise what it was and so Azwaj decided to cut it into smaller pieces and feed it to her and true enough after trying a piece she started eating. Then there was a portion that was slightly hard and she stopped and “complained” to us. Again Azwaj helped to cut the piece and once again she continued to eat. I was watching her intently and I fell in love with the way she meows and the way her eyes looked. Azwaj asked if I wanted to adopt her. We talked about it for a bit while waiting for the waiter to return our change and before I know it, she was in my arms as we walked back to the motorbike! By chance, we had our backpack and so in she went. She was so well behaved throughout the 15minutes ride. In fact she fell asleep holding my fingers. Awww right?

Welcome Tia Ling Ling please people. Isn’t she adorable?

Tia Ling Ling


Tia LIng Ling

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7 Responses to “BloggerCats Welcomes Tia Ling Ling”

  1. Monica says:

    awww that's very kind of u and Azwaj to take her home..lucky meow! and so cute lah the name…Tia Ling Ling hahhaah… <3
    My recent post Early Birthday Present /// Happy CNY in Advance!

  2. Mariuca says:

    meow meow! wah how come your pic here at BC so big ah? I mean compared to your other blogs.. I like big he he! :);)
    My recent post Meow Diaries Visits Blogger Cats! *

  3. Mariuca says:

    I knew it la!! So no MC for u?? LOL! Now 10 correct? What a pretty name for a pretty meow! Showed B the pics, he said comel! xD
    My recent post Fluffy Friday # 77 – Fluffy White Furby! *

  4. Mariuca says:

    Hmmmm am looking at my ID profile here and apparently I don't even have a personal description yet lol! And my blogs.. only have WOAFS on the list so far! :$
    My recent post Fluffy Friday # 76 – Christmas with Pablo *

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