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Aggie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Today at exactly 3pm, our furkid Aggie crossed the rainbow bridge. Aggie was diagnosed with kidney failure a week earlier and upon the diagnosis have been treated at the vet with IV drips and immediately placed on renal diet. On 16th August, the vet was satisfied that she was doing much better and armed with her meds […]

Gianto: When I Was A Baby Cat

These are picture of me when I was a baby and had just been introduced to the other kitties in the household. I’ve taken a fancy to Aggie who was wearing this cute little outfit that says “I love Daddy”.. and since I love my new daddy too, I decided to cozy up to her […]

Daddy and His Guitars

Daddy has lots and lots of guitars so one day while he was playing his Fender or was it another make (I not sure) I went up to him and meow him to play a tune for me.. I was so happy when he obliged.. lol.. However he sang me lullaby so you can see […]


Aggie: I Love My Daddy

I was watching tv and the kitties were all minding their own business. Gianto was playing with a used sponge (he goes crazy with that thing) while Jay-Bol and Awan looked at his antics, Smokey and Nina was sitting with me on the sofa and Aggie was just lounging in front of the front door. […]

Aggie’s Cabana

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