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Love Playing..

I love playing Daddy’s guitar. Each time I sneak into mommy’s and daddy’s study and see daddy’s guitar there, I can’t help but play with the string. I wonder if daddy will buy me any affordable mandolins for sale at musician’s friend (I think they are similar to the guitar right?) then maybe me and […]


What Is That Toy?

I was checking my facebook page that day and noticed someone posting a picture of toy as shown below. At first I thought it was some sort of conveyor belt, but then upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a mini circuit. I think there is a like ball that goes round and round […]


My Cute Door Stopper

One advantage of living up on the hills is that most times you are never short of cold breeze. It’s always windy and we always got to make sure any doors that are opened needs to have door stops¬†otherwise it’s constant door banging. This is especially so when the kitties are out and about out […]

Awan and Gianto Sheba

Our Win from Sheba Catwalk Contest

OMPaw.. Mommy managed to bring home three cartons (6dozens) of Sheba cat food for us when she came home from Singapore last Saturday! She wanted to bring home more but it was too heavy she said. ¬†Anyway, we got these lovely free cat food from SHEBA when we won FIRST prize for the Sheba Catwalk […]

deworming pills

Time for Deworming

Every three months, the kitties have to be dewormed. However we were lagging a bit this time due to my trip and both me and Azwaj’s sickness. Anyway we got the deworming tablets from the vet yesterday (cost RM60 for 8 pills) and all of them were given the pill when we let them out […]

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