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Anja’s Tale

I was in tears when we picked up Anja from the animal hospital on Wednesday. The vet did say that she was on the verge of being anemic but I did not expect to see her quite so lifeless lying in that cage. The vet explained how to administer the medication, Epakitin and Azodyl and […]

anja girl

Rest in Peace Anja Cemara

Anja Cemara In loving memory September 2000 – 3rd June 2009 Thank you for all your prayers and support…

Anja Warded

Anja oh Anja

On Friday, we were able to get Anja’s medicine, Azodyl (RM3 per capsule) and Epakitin (RM24 for 100gm). Meant to slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease, Anja will have to be on these two medication for life. She also got to switch to food meant for renal patient. We are feeding her Royal […]

Urea Up*

Just got off the phone from Dr Chan on the blood and urine test. Her levels are up! Way high.. Urea is up to 70 (it was 30 before) and the Creatinine went up from 269 to 500! Initially she said she was going to ward Anja for 2 days which meant she was going […]


Hospitalised Again!

  Oh No! Anja has been hospitalised again. Mommy and daddy took her to visit Dr Chan earlier today for her checkup and based on the feedback given my mommy, Dr Chan wants to flush her system again. I think that is what doctors do to kidney patient because the toxin stays in the body […]

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