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Happy 1st Birthday Awal!

It’s Awal birthday today! Well not quite his birthday but more like his 1st year with us as his forever home and our furkid.  Awal, the baby kitten (he was about 2 months by the look of it), came to us one fateful night when Azwaj “met” him on his way to buy butter for […]

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I’m Hercules Now

Look at me.. I was a little kitten then and not much bigger than Daddy’s palm but now mommy said I am now like a little hercules! Speaking of which, have you checked out hercules dj equipment at Musicians Friend ? I can’t believe the prices that it is now going for. Everything is so economical. It […]

Call me Awal Hendrix

I have been known to love playing daddy’s guitar. Whenever I sneak into daddy and mommy’s study, my first destination is always where daddy’s guitars are. Anyway, perhaps if daddy get a behringer xenyx 802 mixer, he can make this solo really fantastic and sell it somewhere and make lots of money? Daddy is always […]


Awal Was Neutered!

So we got Awal neutered on 18 August 2013.  He’s been with us since January and we reckon he was already at least 2mths old that time.. so since that makes him around 10 to 11mths now, we feel the time is right to get him to the vet for his snip snip. We got […]

awal and daddy

Waking Up Daddy

It was a cold rainy day and I was hungry. Mommy was working and I didn’t want to disturb her. I knew daddy was still sleeping but I peeped through the door anyway. Suddenly daddy opened his eyes and when he saw me he called all my name. Yippee.. I ran in and joined him […]

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