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Can We Have A Song Daddy?

Daddy loves playing the guitars. He has a lot of them and we see him playing them all the time. We know he wrote a song for mommy once for her birthday and so now we are just waiting for him to write a song about us and publish it on youtube. How fun would […]

Affording the Best Cat Food for Your Cat

It isn’t always easy to afford the best cat food for your feline friend. Cat food comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Some brands are close to $100 per bag, and others are very cheap at around $10 per bag. Higher cost doesn’t always mean that it is a high-quality food though. In fact, […]

How to tell when “meow” means Help!

Miniature felines are well known for their constant seeking of attention.  A cat will choose the person who is likely to grant her the most affection.  These pets adore being petted, and held in our arms. However, there are cases when changes in behavior occur and the cat might not allow anyone to touch it. […]

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