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Smokey at the vet

Smokey has not been feeling well these last few months. He’s been having this terrible cold and although he’s not down totally or his appetite affected.. he has trouble breathing and his nose is getting crusty from all the discharge. For his last two visits, the vet gave him cold meds, antibiotics and immune boosters. […]

Mira at The Vet

Mira at The Vet

Mira was all excited on her visit to the vet here. The first time she went, she was only 1 month old and I brought her in using my handbag.. Now she’s all grown up and ready to explore.

aggie last picture

Aggie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Today at exactly 3pm, our furkid Aggie crossed the rainbow bridge. Aggie was diagnosed with kidney failure a week earlier and upon the diagnosis have been treated at the vet with IV drips and immediately placed on renal diet. On 16th August, the vet was satisfied that she was doing much better and armed with her meds […]

tia baby

Hide and Seek with Tia

So many places that are comfy for Tia to sleep and she decides that this tiny corner together will all my knick knacks is the place she loves most. Sleep tight little one.. don’t start pushing mommy’s stuff down ok.

Luxurious Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet boarding facilities can be the perfect solution for people who don’t have anywhere to leave their pets when they go on vacation. Perhaps you’re going to a destination where pets aren’t allowed, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking your pet along with you. Whether you feel like […]

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