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How Often Do Pets Need To Go To The Veterinarian?

When your life is hectic, it’s easy to forget to take your pet to the vet. There are tons of reasons to skip going to the vet, but when you do, you risk your pet’s health. As a general rule, veterinarians are there to prevent your pets from getting sick; they also treat your pets […]


Waiting For Daddy to Finish His Work

I am a very patient cat and as I wait for daddy to finish his work, I will just wait here patiently. To make sure he does not forget me, I put my head on the keyboard drawer just like this.. MOL! Hurry up daddy.. I want to play! Meoww… BloggerCats First Commenter ***

anto and star

My New Jewelry

Mommy didn’t get this nice star from Reeds jewelers. Neither is this jewelry because ┬áit is more of a paper weight I think. However I love how it feels on my body and because mommy seems to enjoy how it looks on me too, I let it sat there for an entire 30 minutes while […]

sofa bed

Mommy’s Comfy Sofa Bed

Mommy and Daddy got a new sofa to replace the one that we had totally destroyed. This time around they decided to get a lovely metal sofa bed… so definitely no scratching for us! This bed comes with a very comfy foam mattress and we love it! This is how we sleep on “our” new […]


I Want Attention

Whenever I want mommy’s attention, this is what I do. I would climb on her desk and I behave like I am one of those revashelf cabinet organizers. I will pretend to sleep or make my eyes super small in an attempt to act really cute and sit on her work …and guess what.. It […]

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