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sofa bed

Mommy’s Comfy Sofa Bed

Mommy and Daddy got a new sofa to replace the one that we had totally destroyed. This time around they decided to get a lovely metal sofa bed… so definitely no scratching for us! This bed comes with a very comfy foam mattress and we love it! This is how we sleep on “our” new […]


My Bundle of Ball

Ever since Awal came into our life, we see more kitties running and hearing more kitty meows!. This is because Awal is our harasser. He harrases by biting and chasing everyone especially chubby JayBol. Poor guy has not had a moment peace since Awal started sleeping in the kitty room. This picture was taken this […]

jaybol and plasticbag

Plastic Bag Inspection

I am making sure mommy is storing the plastic bag correctly for easy dispensing just like she blog about at her woman blog. If she does it correctly, then the drawer will be very nice and neat and perhaps when she’s not looking I can sneak in there and catch some meow-nap.. hahahah… Meoww… JayBol […]

Gianto the Cat

Gianto: We Need A Bigger Hammock Mommy

Jay_Bol loves sleeping on the hammock. Vievie loves sleeping on the hammock I love sleeping on the hammock So this is what happens when none of us want to give up the hammock! Meoww… Gianto First Commenter ***

Come Home Mommy!

Mommy has been gone for so long now. I think close to 20days already. Daddy say mommy is recovering from a surgery and at the same helping granny with the kitchen renovation in their home far far far away. I wonder if mommy is getting some sort of for bar equipment for us to […]

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