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RIP Jerome-Zi

RIP Jerome-Zi

Jerome-Zi or affectionately called Romzi by Azwaj was always a spiderman of sorts. He always find ways and means to escape the kitty room even after Azwaj had cat proof it. He will bite the wire mesh that Azwaj used over the window grills and he will squeeze himself out and even managed to climb […]

Come Home Mommy!

Mommy has been gone for so long now. I think close to 20days already. Daddy say mommy is recovering from a surgery and at the same helping granny with the kitchen renovation in their home far far far away. I wonder if mommy is getting some sort of for bar equipment for us to […]

Daddy’s A Superhero

Yesterday, after coming home from my FIL’s place at around 11pm, it was time to let the kitties out and play in the human room. While I was cleaning the door kick plates in the kitty room, I heard a very soft meow coming from outside the window. I didn’t think anything about it because […]

hammock love

Hammock Love

The kitty room now has more space for the fur-kids to play around and sleep in. Azwaj removed the window grill, put up more “protection” for them and installed a hammock. We were very pleased with the response that the hammock got

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