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sofa bed

Mommy’s Comfy Sofa Bed

Mommy and Daddy got a new sofa to replace the one that we had totally destroyed. This time around they decided to get a lovely metal sofa bed… so definitely no scratching for us! This bed comes with a very comfy foam mattress and we love it! This is how we sleep on “our” new […]

Jessie with new collar

Jessie: My New Fantastic Collar

Look at what Mommy and daddy bought for us. It is an awesome collar that has a little scarf attached to it. I feel so pretty! She said she wanted to test it for size and will get for me the pink one when it becomes available. Don’t I just look beautiful? Now I just […]

Come Home Mommy!

Mommy has been gone for so long now. I think close to 20days already. Daddy say mommy is recovering from a surgery and at the same helping granny with the kitchen renovation in their home far far far away. I wonder if mommy is getting some sort of for bar equipment for us to […]

Daddy’s A Superhero

Yesterday, after coming home from my FIL’s place at around 11pm, it was time to let the kitties out and play in the human room. While I was cleaning the door kick plates in the kitty room, I heard a very soft meow coming from outside the window. I didn’t think anything about it because […]


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