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mira vacinated

Mira says: Vaccination Completed!

Oppss I see another round of deworming is in order mommy!

mira playing

Playtime for Mira

Mira loves this green toy (daddy calls it monster). She had it since she was a kitten and it has been her friends since. She loves wrestling with it which provides endless laughter for us.

Mira at The Vet

Mira at The Vet

Mira was all excited on her visit to the vet here. The first time she went, she was only 1 month old and I brought her in using my handbag.. Now she’s all grown up and ready to explore.

one month baby kitten mir

Hello Baby Mira

One month ago, Azwaj found four bundle of kittens joy on his way to the shop downstairs. Unfortunately three of them passed on one after another that same week which caused both A and me such grief and that left me with puffy eyes for almost a week 🙁 One of them, we named her […]

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