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Nina Sardina

Rest in Peace Nina

Nina wasn’t looking well the week before and after a visit to the clinic, the vet told us that she may not be eating well because of her teeth. The thing is Doc Sharon can’t do anything to her without doing a blood test to make sure she will be able to handle being put […]

nina and guitar

Happy 14th Birthday Nina

Today is Nina’s 14th birthday! Yeay!! Happy birthday dear sweet natured Nina.. Mommy and Daddy and the rest of your siblings wish you all the happiness, love and health for the coming years!! Love Ya!! Meoww… First Commenter ***


I Wished We Had Mattress

pretty Nina

Pillows for Kitties

I love to watch the kitties sleep especially when they sleep on their bunk beds or their hammock. Sometimes I wished I could make the bed more comfortable though with perhaps zafu pillows or perhaps even have a bigger bed for them so that they can roll around in it more comfortably. We are on […]

nina and gianto

Nina and Gianto – The Eldest and The Youngest

This is Nina and Gianto on those very rare¬†occasion¬†that Gianto can actually sit still for the camera.. well.. not for long though just as as the camera clicks.. he moved.. hence the blurry effect on him. Meoww… First Commenter ***

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