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Smokey the Cat

Rest in Peace Smokey

Smokey has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge on 11th April 2017 at around 6.30am. He had been sick for some time and despite the sadness that me and Azwaj feel, we are glad that he is no longer suffering. He had been strong throughout the whole time he had been sick. We switched to Feline […]

aggie last picture

Aggie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Today at exactly 3pm, our furkid Aggie crossed the rainbow bridge. Aggie was diagnosed with kidney failure a week earlier and upon the diagnosis have been treated at the vet with IV drips and immediately placed on renal diet. On 16th August, the vet was satisfied that she was doing much better and armed with her meds […]

Nina Sardina

Rest in Peace Nina

Nina wasn’t looking well the week before and after a visit to the clinic, the vet told us that she may not be eating well because of her teeth. The thing is Doc Sharon can’t do anything to her without doing a blood test to make sure she will be able to handle being put […]

RIP Jerome-Zi

RIP Jerome-Zi

Jerome-Zi or affectionately called Romzi by Azwaj was always a spiderman of sorts. He always find ways and means to escape the kitty room even after Azwaj had cat proof it. He will bite the wire mesh that Azwaj used over the window grills and he will squeeze himself out and even managed to climb […]

Jam Jam Has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

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