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Smokey: It’s Too Crowded

In case you were wondering what I am looking at. Well I am thinking of a way to create a stanchion. In case you don’t know what stanchion is .. well.. it is something we can use to control crowd. I have seven other siblings in our home and I feel that it gets too […]

three faces of smokey

Three Faces of Smokey

I’ve been away from home for thirteen days now and will stay on for another week or so here in Singapore. This is longest I’ve been away from Azwaj and the fur-kids and am missing them like crazy. Sometimes I wished I could bring one of them with me whenever I travel. Perhaps I can […]


Smokey, The Little Sneak

The home office is out of bounds for the kitties simply coz there are so much stuff in there that the kitties have too fun “rearranging” stuff. However, there are those occasional moments that either Vievie or Smokey would sneak in when me or Azwaj open the door to get in or out. As these […]

awan in pink

Dressing Awan

I loves to dress the kitties up but the only kitty that can actually keep her clothes on is Aggie. The clothes really served her well as it enabled her wounds (from food allergies) to heal and dry up nicely. However, Awan poses very well in the Aggie’s clothes and although it’s not bill levkoff¬†bridesmaid […]


Fluffy Friday : Smokey’s Potrait

Yeay Fluffy Friday finally made an appearance at Pheebs blog and so here we are joining as well. Do you remember Awan’s potrait? Well mommy is finally satisfied with mine and wanted to see what you guys think about it. Happy Fluffy Friday all. Share your fluffy friends with us every Friday! Whether it’s a […]

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