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viviana sitting

Save Viviana

Oh wait, actually it should say save on remo drumĀ coz they site selling them are having some sort of sale.. lol. But yeah that’s me up top.. This was taken in 2009 (I think).. mommy found it as she was cleaning out her files on her hard drive. She said it is so difficult to […]

Gianto the Cat

Gianto: We Need A Bigger Hammock Mommy

Jay_Bol loves sleeping on the hammock. Vievie loves sleeping on the hammock I love sleeping on the hammock So this is what happens when none of us want to give up the hammock! Meoww… Gianto First Commenter ***


Spaying VieVie

Mommy and Daddy brought my sister VieVie to the vet today. It seems Vievie has been looking for a boyfriend but since mommy and daddy don’t want to add any more to the cat population, they decided to have her spayed. Here I am sitting with my sister as she recovers from theĀ anesthetic. See how […]


The Kitty Monster

VieVie and the Guitar Playing

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